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Nudibranch identification made easy

Nudi Pixel is a web-based identification tool for nudibranchs worldwide using photographs as the first point of identification. It is underpinned by up to date scientific classification.

Why Nudi Pixel?


In its early age, Nudi Pixel has become one of the resources for many nudibranch experts like Dave Behrens, Neville Coleman, Helmut Debelius and Rudie H. Kuiter to collect nudibranch photographs for their soon to be released books.

Dave Harasti (Australia)
I was introduced to Nudipixel about 12 months ago and I can easily say this is the best resource on the internet for nudibranchs that I have come across. It's incredibly simple to use and find different species and one of the best features is that it is so simple for users to upload their nudibranch images and have them included in the species pages. It's a great way to show off nudie images to the rest of the world! This is the only website that I use now to assist with any of my nudibranch identifications, such a great resource that offers so much! Congratulations to Erwin and the rest of the team for putting such a great website together.
9 years ago
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