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Nudibranch identification made easy

Nudi Pixel is a web-based identification tool for nudibranchs worldwide using photographs as the first point of identification. It is underpinned by up to date scientific classification.

Why Nudi Pixel?


In its early age, Nudi Pixel has become one of the resources for many nudibranch experts like Dave Behrens, Neville Coleman, Helmut Debelius and Rudie H. Kuiter to collect nudibranch photographs for their soon to be released books.

Neville Coleman (Australia)
I think that the Nudi Pixel web site is an excellent project for keen underwater photographers and aquatic naturalists to post their discoveries and new images on. It allows divers and the world to share in the fantastic diversity of the World of Water and each new finding brings about a collective spirit to all participants. The added educational opportunities from having materials identified by authorities are ongoing, for unless we have a name as a reference point for a creature, we have no way of learning more about it, or separating one creature from another.

As a pioneer of aquatic visual identification systems I compliment everybody concerned, especially the Nudi Pixel host Erwin Kodiat, for I know only too well how much work and effort goes into the upkeep of such a project.

The Nudi Pixel web site has been a specific resource in the hunt for images for my newest book NUDIBRANCHS ENCYCLOPEDIA and a number of excellent images were sourced for this publication. This type of exposure gives all participants the opportunity to have their work published in authoritative field guides alongside some of the best aquatic photographers in the world.

Best wishes to all,
Neville Coleman
9 years ago
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