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Name# of photographers# of photosTypeRank
Digital IXUS 100 IS
Also known as PowerShot SD780 IS, IXY DIGITAL 210 IS
599Point & Shoot39
Digital IXUS 110 IS
Also known as PowerShot SD960 IS, IXY Digital 510 IS
4190Point & Shoot49
Digital IXUS 130526Point & Shoot44
Digital IXUS 400
Also known as PowerShot S400, IXY Digital 400
931Point & Shoot26
Digital IXUS 430
Also known as PowerShot S430
11Point & Shoot78
Digital IXUS 500
Also known as PowerShot S500, IXY Digital 500
8101Point & Shoot28
Digital IXUS 60
Also known as PowerShot SD600, IXY Digital 70
48Point & Shoot51
Digital IXUS 65
Also known as PowerShot SD630, IXY Digital 80
825Point & Shoot30
Digital IXUS 70
Also known as PowerShot SD1000, IXY Digital 10
725Point & Shoot35
Digital IXUS 700
Also known as PowerShot SD500, IXY Digital 600
483Point & Shoot47
Digital IXUS 75
Also known as PowerShot SD750, IXY Digital 90
1496Point & Shoot10
Digital IXUS 750
Also known as PowerShot SD550, IXY Digital 700
11166Point & Shoot17
Digital IXUS 80 IS
Also known as Digital IXUS 82 IS, PowerShot SD1100 IS, IXY Digital 20 IS
24Point & Shoot56
Digital IXUS 800 IS
Also known as PowerShot SD700 IS, IXY Digital 800 IS
8106Point & Shoot27
Digital IXUS 85 IS
Also known as PowerShot SD770 IS, IXY Digital 25 IS
68Point & Shoot36
Digital IXUS 850 IS
Also known as PowerShot SD800 IS, IXY Digital 900 IS
666Point & Shoot38
Digital IXUS 860 IS
Also known as PowerShot SD870 IS, IXY Digital 910 IS
1365Point & Shoot12
Digital IXUS 870 IS
Also known as PowerShot SD880 IS, IXY Digital 920 IS
4231Point & Shoot48
Digital IXUS 90 IS
Also known as PowerShot SD790 IS, IXY Digital 95 IS
632Point & Shoot37
Digital IXUS 900Ti
Also known as PowerShot SD900, IXY Digital 1000
270Point & Shoot61
Digital IXUS 95 IS
Also known as PowerShot SD1200 IS
213Point & Shoot67
Digital IXUS 950 IS
Also known as PowerShot SD850 IS, IXY Digital 810 IS
1025Point & Shoot22
Digital IXUS 960 IS
Also known as PowerShot SD950 IS, IXY Digital 2000 IS
7118Point & Shoot34
Digital IXUS 980 IS
Also known as PowerShot SD990 IS, IXY Digital 3000 IS
1150Point & Shoot18
Digital IXUS v2
Also known as PowerShot S200, IXY Digital 200a
11Point & Shoot77
EOS 1Ds Mark III29DSLR60
EOS 20D12145DSLR16
EOS 300D
Also known as EOS Digital Rebel, EOS Kiss
EOS 30D4155DSLR45
EOS 350D
Also known as EOS Digital Rebel XT, EOS Kiss N
EOS 400D
Also known as EOS Digital Rebel XTi, EOS Kiss X
EOS 40D13230DSLR11
EOS 450D
Also known as EOS Digital Rebel XSi, EOS Kiss X2
EOS 500D
Also known as EOS REBEL T1i, EOS Kiss X3
EOS 50D490DSLR52
EOS 550D
Also known as EOS REBEL T2i, EOS Kiss X4
EOS 5D11190DSLR21
EOS 5D Mark II16851DSLR8
EOS 600D
Also known as REBEL T3i, EOS Kiss X5
EOS 60D 233DSLR58
EOS 7D 13300DSLR13
PowerShot A1000 IS25Point & Shoot69
PowerShot A510189Point & Shoot80
PowerShot A52011Point & Shoot76
PowerShot A540474Point & Shoot53
PowerShot A570 IS8154Point & Shoot29
PowerShot A580115Point & Shoot70
PowerShot A590 IS14Point & Shoot79
PowerShot A61036Point & Shoot55
PowerShot A620261290Point & Shoot5
PowerShot A630528Point & Shoot40
PowerShot A6401270Point & Shoot14
PowerShot A650 IS778Point & Shoot31
PowerShot A70559Point & Shoot42
PowerShot A70011Point & Shoot73
PowerShot A710 IS722Point & Shoot33
PowerShot A720 IS469Point & Shoot46
PowerShot A75234Point & Shoot57
PowerShot A80250Point & Shoot64
PowerShot A85441Point & Shoot50
PowerShot A95712Point & Shoot32
PowerShot D101066Point & Shoot23
PowerShot G114Point & Shoot75
PowerShot G10771195Point & Shoot1
PowerShot G11351188Point & Shoot4
PowerShot G12 37346Point & Shoot3
PowerShot G524Point & Shoot68
PowerShot G6248Point & Shoot65
PowerShot G723238Point & Shoot6
PowerShot G9683281Point & Shoot2
PowerShot S4024Point & Shoot66
PowerShot S4529Point & Shoot63
PowerShot S5 IS22Point & Shoot59
PowerShot S5011Point & Shoot74
PowerShot S60216Point & Shoot62
PowerShot S70320Point & Shoot54
PowerShot S8012128Point & Shoot15
PowerShot S9022370Point & Shoot7
PowerShot S9511132Point & Shoot20
PowerShot SX110 IS11Point & Shoot72