Alexander Martynov

Alexander MartynovDr. Alexander Martynov has studied opisthobranch molluscs since 1985 year, firstly at the coast of the Japan Sea, but then expanded his researches to all vast Russian Seas.
The main fields of interests are Opisthobranch taxonomy and phylogeny. Scientific Researcher, Ph.D. thesis (1999) was titled “Fauna of the nudibranchs molluscs of NW part of the Japan Sea (with discussion on the taxonomy and phylogeny of the order Nudibranchia)”. Principal regions of study are NW Pacific, Arctic, North Atlantic and Antarctic, as well as the Black Sea. He was participating in numerous expeditions and field trips to the Japan Sea, Kurile Islands, Kamchatka, White, Barents and Black Seas, and studied and identified opisthobranchs from extensive opisthobranch collections in the Zoological Institute, St. Petersburg. At present time he is curator of Opisthobranchia and Echinodermata at the Zoological Museum, Moscow State University. He has published ca. 40 scientific works on the taxonomy and phylogeny of Opisthobranch molluscs. By publishing in the 2006 opisthobranch chapter of the book “Marine and brackish water gastropod of Russia and adjacent countries: an illustrated catalogue” he reviewed for the first time opisthobranch species from all Russian Seas.

Alexander Martynov has authored or assisted in naming the following species:

And a new family Akiodorididae Millen et Martynov, 2005

Alexander Martynov has helped Nudi Pixel verifying identification of 64 specimens.

Contributes 2 photos to Nudi Pixel

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