Marian Litvaitis

Marian Litvaitis

Dr. Marian Litvaitis has been studying turbellarian flatworms for more than 20 years. Her main interests are the systematics and taxonomy of polyclads. She obtained her BS and MS degrees from Clemson University, SC and her PhD from the University of Maine in Orono. She is a Professor of Zoology at the University of New Hampshire in Durham, NH. In her laboratory, the Flatworm Wranglers study evolutionary relationships of polyclads using light and electron microscopic approaches, as well as molecular data. You can learn more about on-going projects in her lab at:

Together with her graduate students, Dr. Litvaitis has described the following polyclad species

Armatoplana colombiana, Bolanos et al, 2006

Pseudobiceros caribbensis, Bolanos et al, 2007

Pseudoceros harrisi, Bolanos et al, 2007

Pseudoceros rawlinsonae, Bolanos et al, 2007

Maritigrella newmanae, Bolanos et al, 2007

Thysanozoon raphaeli, Bolanos et al, 2007

Anocellidus profundus, Quiroga et al, 2006

Oligocladus voightae, Quiroga et al, 2006

And a new family, Anocellidae Quiroga et al, 2006

And established two new combinations

Phrikoceros mopsus, nov. comb. Quiroga et al, 2004

Pseudobiceros pardalis, nov. comb. Bolanos et al, 2007

Marian Litvaitis has helped Nudi Pixel verifying identification of 159 specimens.

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