Nathalie Yonow

Nathalie YonowDr. Nathalie Yonow has been studying opisthobranchs for over 20 years, following an obsession with marine biology since a child living in Iran, Saudi Arabia, Italy, Greece, and Wales. She earned both her B.Sc. and Ph.D. in Swansea University (Wales, United Kingdom). Her undergraduate thesis was on the marine biology of a small reef in Sri Lanka, and her Ph.D. on Acteon tornatilis, a primitive shelled opishtobranch living on a local (Welsh!) sandy shore. She has since been invited on a number of expeditions collecting opisthobranchs from the Red Sea, Mauritius, and the Maldives, as well as being given other Indo-Pacific collections to work on - Ambon, Chagos, Socotra, Reunion, and the Persian Gulf. These form the substance of many publications, and are still an–going. Dr. Yonow has contributed to a number of taxonomic publications, writing the sea slug chapters. Finally, she has written her first book, a taxonomic and historical monograph entitled Sea Slugs of the Red Sea, published in 2008.

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