Nudibranch Capital of the World

Most Widespread Nudibranch in the World

  1. Unidentified species (34 countries)
  2. Phyllidia varicosa (31 countries)
  3. Pteraeolidia ianthina (31 countries)
  4. Phyllidia ocellata (30 countries)
  5. Phyllidiella pustulosa (27 countries)
  6. Elysia ornata (27 countries)
  7. Jorunna funebris (26 countries)
  8. Phidiana indica (26 countries)
  9. Hexabranchus sanguineus (24 countries)
  10. Glossodoris cincta (23 countries)

Nudi Pixel Facts

Nudi Pixel hosts a total number of 42,953 photographs which consist of 40,860 nudibranch photos and 2,093 non-nudibranch pictures which include all nudibranch look-alike species such as marine flatworms, ovulids, cowries, shells, etc.

Summing up 1,412 nudibranch species with 220 non-nudibranch species result in total of 1,632 species listed and complimented with photographs. Our board of nudibranch experts have helped us verifying 15,764 nudibranch photos (38% from all Nudi Pixel nudibranch photo collections) and still counting.

The photographs of the nudibranch and sea slug specimens were taken in 580 different nudibranch dive sites spreaded in 99 different countries worldwide.

Thanks to all 1,065 contributed nudibranch photographers from 25 different nationalities and 274 different cameras which helped them producing magnificent nudibranch photos we see in Nudi Pixel.

* Figures above are not real time data, they are updated 0 minutes ago.

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