Berthella martensi

(Pilsbry, 1896)

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Berthella martensi from Lembeh, Indonesia
Identification verified by Richard Willan

Identification is verified by Richard Willan, Nudi Pixel expert

Comment from Richard Willan: This species is incredibly variable in terms of coloration, but all individuals have the 3 “shear zones” on the mantle. I cannot make out if these shear zones are present on this individual and, furthermore, it is unusual in having raised pustules, so it might be an undescribed species.

Location:Lembeh, Indonesia
Photographer:Dave Morgan
Camera:Nikon D70View EXIF properties
Taken on:December 19, 2004
Viewed:3342 times
Posted:9 years ago
Updated:9 years ago

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Scientific Classification

Species:Berthella martensi