Haminoea alfredensis

Bartsch, 1915

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Haminoea alfredensis from Cape Town, South Africa
Identification verified by Richard Willan

Identification is verified by Richard Willan, Nudi Pixel expert

Comment from Richard Willan: This bubble snail is characterised by the numerous yellow spots on the head shield (not visible in this photo because it is retracted under the front of the shell as a protection from some disturbance), parapodia and mantle. An indication that the individual has recently been disturbed is the milky white defensive fluid being expelled from the rear end of the shell.

Location:Cape Town, South Africa
Photographer:Guido Zsilavecz
Camera:Olympus SP350View EXIF properties
Taken on:August 4, 2007
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Posted:9 years ago
Updated:9 years ago

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Haminoea alfredensis from Cape Town, South AfricaIdentification reviewed by Richard Willan
Updated 9 years ago
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Species:Haminoea alfredensis