Polycera quadrilineata

(Muller, 1776)

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Polycera quadrilineata from Norway
Identification verified by Alexander Martynov

Identification is verified by Alexander Martynov (Zoological Museum of Moscow State University), Nudi Pixel expert

Comment from Alexander Martynov: This is a colour variation of common North Atlantic species Polycera quadrilineata (Müller, 1776). It is an interesting case when some colour morphs of one species (e.g. Polycera quadrilineata) may approach colour variants of another species of the same genus (e.g. Polycera atra), significantly differs in other features.

Thanks to Marli Wakeling for suggesting identification for this species

Comment from the photographer: I found this in Oslo fjord. It was only 2-3 cm long

Photographer:Vidar Aas
Camera:Canon PowerShot A710 ISView EXIF properties
Taken on:February 28, 2008
Viewed:2749 times
Posted:9 years ago
Updated:9 years ago

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Scientific Classification

Species:Polycera quadrilineata