Unidentified lefteye flounders

This is not nudibranch or sea slug

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Unidentified lefteye flounders from Redang, Malaysia
Identification verified by Richard Willan

Identification is verified by Richard Willan, Nudi Pixel expert

Comment from Richard Willan: What an unusual juvenile flatfish (Pisces: family Bothidae). It has a strong mimetic resemblance to a flatworm or a nudibranch in its colouration and probably in the way it moves along, so it is no surprise a novice diver or underwater predator would confuse them.

Comment from the photographer: Is it a flatworm or something else - with one spike and a little tail?

Location:Redang, Malaysia
Photographer:Sabine Rock
Camera:Olympus C5060 Wide ZoomView EXIF properties
Taken on:April 14, 2008
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Posted:9 years ago
Updated:9 years ago

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Scientific Classification

Species:Unidentified lefteye flounders