Phyllidiella pustulosa

(Cuvier, 1804)

Also known as: Phyllidia melanocera

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Phyllidiella pustulosa from Manado, Indonesia
Identification verified by Richard Willan

Identification is verified by Richard Willan, Nudi Pixel expert

Thanks to Jamie R. Dutton for suggesting identification for this species

Comment from Jamie R. Dutton: "The black body of this species is studded with pinkish nodules, which may appear green underwater. Typical of its family, it feeds on poisonous sponges, concentrating the toxin in its tissues as a defense against predation." John P. Hoover, Hawaii's Sea Creatures revised ed. 2006

Location:Manado, Indonesia
Photographer:Muljadi Pinneng Sulungbudi
Camera:Nikon D300View EXIF properties
Taken on:June 21, 2007
Viewed:2764 times
Posted:9 years ago
Updated:9 years ago

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Scientific Classification

Species:Phyllidiella pustulosa