Flabellina sp.

Also known as: Coryphella sp.

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Flabellina sp. from Barents Sea, Russia
Identification verified by Alexander Martynov

Identification is verified by Alexander Martynov (Zoological Museum of Moscow State University), Nudi Pixel expert

Comment from Alexander Martynov: Barents Sea opisthobranchs were recently fully reviewed in the paper:

Martynov A.V., Korshunova T.A., Savinkin O.V. 2006.
Shallow-water opisthobranch molluscs of the Murman coast of the Barents Sea, with new distributional data and remarks on biology. Ruthenica, 2006, 16(1-2): 59-72.

Location:Barents Sea, Russia
Photographer:Tatiana Antokhina
Camera:Sea&Sea DX-1GView EXIF properties
Taken on:August 15, 2008
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Posted:9 years ago
Updated:8 years ago

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Scientific Classification

Species:Flabellina sp.