Hypselodoris marci

Marcus, 1970

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Hypselodoris marci from Roatan, Honduras
Identification verified by Dave Behrens

Identification is verified by Dave Behrens, Nudi Pixel expert

Comment from the photographer: This is a Hypselodoris species and some debate whether its olgae,sp5 and acriba. I have three photos;2 of the same animal and one from a different day. Some photos are not very good , but all show a rhinophores below the "midline "of the animal. I have not seen this discussed with any pics, but do not know if it is common to the Hypselodoris species.

Location:Roatan, Honduras
Photographer:Jason Bell
Camera:Unknown Unknown › View EXIF properties
Taken on:March 20, 2009
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Posted:8 years ago
Updated:8 years ago

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Scientific Classification

Species:Hypselodoris marci