Ringicula sp.

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Ringicula sp. from Queensland, Australia
Identification verified by Richard Willan

Identification is verified by Richard Willan, Nudi Pixel expert

Comment from Richard Willan: This nice photo shows the important features that characterise the Ringiculidae, an family of bubble snails that has apparently changed little since the Cretaceous period. Shells of ringiculids are always globular, highly calcified and porcellanous, and uniformly white. The animal is peculiar in having the head shield and foot fused laterally, in having a median tubular siphon formed from the posterior end of the head shield, and in having two types of skin glands – numerous small ones scattered over the dorsal surface (shown here as tiny white speckles) and a row of larger ones on the delicate margin of the parapodia (appearing here as a row of faint purple-pink spots). Nobody knows what ringiculids eat for sure.

Comment from the photographer: 4.5mm in length. Found while sieving tidal flats at low tide.

Location:Queensland, Australia
Photographer:Gary Cobb
Camera:Unknown Unknown › View EXIF properties
Taken on:March 28, 2010
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Posted:7 years ago
Updated:7 years ago

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Scientific Classification

Species:Ringicula sp.