Elysia hedgpethi

Marcus, 1961

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Elysia hedgpethi from California, USA

Comment from the photographer: Elysia hedgpethi was located on the front side of Santa Cruz Island at Fry's Cove and Fern Grotto in early September. Individuals were approximately two mm in length. They were located on Codium fragile, a reported food source. (Behrens and Hermosillo, 2005) In this area Codium was present subtidally at depths between 20 and 40 feet adjacent to semi protected rocky coastline at the mouths of coves.

Location:California, USA
Photographer:Craig Hoover
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Taken on:September 21, 2011
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Posted:5 years ago
Updated:5 years ago

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Elysia hedgpethi from California, USA
Location: California, USA
Updated 5 years ago
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Species:Elysia hedgpethi