Callioplana marginata

Stimpson, 1857

This is not nudibranch or sea slug

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Callioplana marginata  from Davao, Philippines

Thanks to Luuk Mens for suggesting identification for this species

Comment from Luuk Mens: This "Margined Flatworm " resembles several Pseudobiceros and Pseudoceros species, but they do not have head tentacles like the members of Callioplanidae family.

Location:Davao, Philippines
Photographer:Blogie Robillo
Taken on:March 14, 2012
Viewed:1426 times
Posted:5 years ago
Updated:5 years ago

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Callioplana marginata  from Nelson Bay, AustraliaIdentification reviewed by Marian Litvaitis
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Callioplana marginata  from New South Wales, Australia
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Scientific Classification

Species:Callioplana marginata