Asther Lau

Nationality: Malaysian

Residence: Selangor, Malaysia

A Malaysian, specifically born and bred in Borneo (Sarawak). Started diving in 1999 after returning from 2 years studying in the U.S. Scuba diving was her first career after finishing school. Started as a front-desk girl in an island operated dive center and worked her way up to instructor level in 1 1/2 years. Although she now does it on a part-time basis, she still does at least 1 dive trips a month.

Asther's love for nudibranchs started early while she was still in my early 20 dives experience. Her love for underwater photography bloomed in 2003 while diving in Tenggol Island, Malaysia. Ever since then... she started recording all my nudibranch sightings & started studying them with the help of The Sea Slug Forum & the unending list of nudibranch books she can get her hands on.

She has dived almost 80% of Malaysian dive sites, and only recently Asther started venturing into the neighboring countries such as Indonesia & Thailand. Her dream is to be able to spread her wings further & venture into more dive places in the near future. Will not stop until God Forbids.

Her web site is Sea Slugs Madness


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Risbecia apolegma from Mabul, MalaysiaIdentification reviewed by Nathalie Yonow
(1 photo from Asther Lau)
Risbecia pulchella from Jarak, Malaysia
(1 photo from Asther Lau)
Roboastra gracilis from Tioman, MalaysiaIdentification reviewed by Marta Pola
(1 photo from Asther Lau)
Sagaminopteron psychedelicum from Tenggol, MalaysiaIdentification reviewed by Bill Rudman
(1 photo from Asther Lau)
Thecacera sp. from Bali, IndonesiaIdentification reviewed by Richard Willan
(1 photo from Asther Lau)
Trinchesia sibogae from Tioman, Malaysia
(1 photo from Asther Lau)

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