Daniela Wolf

Nationality: Swiss

Residence: Sarnen, Switzerland

Daniela started diving in 2000 in Koh Samui, Thailand. She then went to Tioman and Redang Islands in Malaysia for diving holidays. But the summer of 2003 changed everything. She went with Benno to Zakyntos (Greece). It was great and she decided to start divining in Switzerland, too. A cold idea! Not long after that, it was necessary to buy a dry suit. A new experience! In 2004 she went to Negros Philippines and what did she need? An underwater camera, of course. So she bought a Sony P12 and housing. A lot of dives in Switzerland followed. Then in the spring of 2005 Daniela took the Open Water Scuba Instructor course with Benno. But for future holidays they needed a new camera! So they bought an Olympus C-7070 for Daniela and an Olympus C-8080 for Benno. Trips tp Croatia, Soca (River) in Slovenia, Egypt, Maratua (Indonesia) and a lot of fresh water river dives in Verzasca and Maggia followed.

For Christmas 2006 Santa brought a brand new Nikon D200 with the Hugyfot Housing and a Subtronic Flash! Wow, a new feeling for underwater photography. So Daniela took it on some test dives to Corsica France and to Rapallo Italia, before going to Raja Ampat and spending ten days at the Lembeh Resort, both in Indonesia. During her research of the nudibranchs she photographed, Daniela found Nudi Pixel and absolutely fell in love with this web site.

Find out more about her in www.taucher.li


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Umbraculum umbraculum from Lembeh, IndonesiaIdentification reviewed by Richard Willan
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