Guy Schittekatte

Nationality: Belgian

Residence: Belgium

Guy lives in Gent, a small town in Belgium. He learned to dive in 1976 and since then has dived in Belguim, the Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Cuba, Mexico, Israel, Jordan, Egypt, the Phillippines, Malaysia and Indonesia. Guy shot with a Nikonos III camera for 25 years. In 2007 he bought a brand new Nikon D200 with a Hugyfot housing and a Sea&Sea flash. He uses Nikon and Tokina lenses. He loves to shoot macro critters and wrecks.



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Phyllidia coelestis from Manado, IndonesiaIdentification reviewed by Nathalie Yonow
(2 photos from Guy Schittekatte)
Phyllidiella cooraburrama from Manado, Indonesia
(1 photo from Guy Schittekatte)
Risbecia tryoni from Lembeh, Indonesia
(1 photo from Guy Schittekatte)

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