James Peake

James lives on the Mornington Peninsula in SE Australia. As a boy he snorkeled his local reefs which helped inspire a lifelong fascination with the marine world. His late uncle and aunty who were SCUBA divers plus UW Photographers and the stories and images they shared encouraged James to become certified to dive in 1989. In 2007 a desire to capture images of marine life for himself led James to purchase his first UW Digital camera. The waters of Southern Australia hold incredible and unique diversity and James is very busy finding, recording and sharing it. His images have been published in Magazines and in Marine ID resources. James can be found on most weekends following his underwater passion. For enquiries relating to image use or diving on the Mornington Peninsula please contact James- peakeexperience@hotmail.com



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Trapania brunnea from Victoria, Australia
(1 photo from James Peake)
Tritonia sp. from Victoria, Australia
(2 photos from James Peake)
Verconia verconis from Victoria, Australia
(2 photos from James Peake)

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