Mike Bartick

Mike Bartick is an avid and experienced scuba diver and marine wildlife photographer residing in southern California. Mike admits that while he is a world traveling diver, the northern Channel Islands of California are amongst his favorite dive spots he has ever experienced.
The wildlife in California is second to none, marine mammal encounters, towering, macrocystis kelp, giant black seabass, nudibranchs and inverts, oil platforms and oil Rigs, marine parks and preserves, the list is endless.
He first started shooting photos with a Minolta 110 when he was just a teenager, never dreaming of taking an SLR underwater. It seemed like the photos he shot and the ones he daydreamed over in magazines were worlds apart and in fact they were. With the advent of “The Digital Age” everything changed.
His first digital camera was an Olympus point and shoot which he used for a trip to Fiji. As soon as Mike returned he purchased an SLR camera and never looked back.
As much as he enjoys traveling the world to find exotic critters coming home to California waters is always a treat. The Pacific Ocean is his backyard and many of the hottest dive spots in Southern California are just minutes away.
With the cool turbulent waters it is often challenging to shoot wide angle. Much of what he does here is macro photography.
My gear consists of Nikon D300’s with Sea and Sea housings, Ikelite and Sea and Sea strobes.
Nikon and Tokina lenses and Tamron teleconverter along with some home brewed wet lense Diopters keep things interesting.

Mikes work can be found in many publications both online and in print.
He sells his work at WWW.Saltwaterphoto.com and publicates a travel blog at the same site.
His photos have been included on magazine cover’s, articles, calendars, websites, commercial’s, DVD’s and dive shops.

Articles include California divers news, Australia underwater and Dive Photoguide.

Contact mike by sending an e-mail to Mike@saltwaterphoto.com



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Tritonia festiva from California, USAIdentification reviewed by Gary McDonald
(1 photo from Mike Bartick)
Tritonia sp. from Anilao, Philippines
(1 photo from Mike Bartick)
Tylodina fungina from California, USAIdentification reviewed by Gary McDonald
(1 photo from Mike Bartick)
Umbraculum umbraculum from Lembeh, IndonesiaIdentification reviewed by Nathalie Yonow
(1 photo from Mike Bartick)

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