Peter Fuller

Peter Fuller is a wildlife photographer from Victoria, Australia.

Peter has been an avid bird photographer for many years, and recently started exploring the underwater world, where nudibranchs have captured his imagination.

Living on the Bellarine Peninsula, he is nestled between a diverse range of temperate water environments with Port Philip bay to the North, and Bass Strait to the South. Here, water temperatures vary seasonally from 10 to 20 degrees Celsius, and approximately 400 species of nudibranch are known to occur. Peter is attempting to photograph as many of these amazing creatures as possible, and perhaps add some new ones to the regional list.

Peter's published works include international publications such as "Handbook of the Birds of the World", Australian Publications such as "Shorebirds of Australia", and he is currently collaborating on a publication highlighting the Marine life of Port Phillip Bay. Peters work can be seen in many brochures, field guides, websites and information signs throughout Australia.

Currently, Peter is using a Canon 50D with a 100mm Macro lens in Ikelite housing, and hopes to organise a super macro setup shortly to photograph the smaller (sub-10mm) nudibranchs. His current work is all captured on snorkel.

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Tambja verconis from Victoria, AustraliaIdentification reviewed by Nathalie Yonow
(1 photo from Peter Fuller)
Trinchesia sp. from Port Phillip Bay, AustraliaIdentification reviewed by Richard Willan
(6 photos from Peter Fuller)
Tritonia sp. from Victoria, Australia
(1 photo from Peter Fuller)
Tylodina corticalis from Victoria, Australia
(1 photo from Peter Fuller)

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