Tatiana Antokhina

Nationality: Russian

Residence: Moscow, Russia

Tanya is a Ph.D student of the Institute of Ecology and Evolution in Moscow now. She is studying symbiotic animals associated with shallow-water tropical sea stars and she is very interested in beautiful nudibranchs.

Her first dive was in 1998 in the Black sea in Russia. After a long time since her first dive Tanya has started diving in 2003 in a cold water of the White and Barents seas at the North of Russia. Later she also has been diving in tropical seas since 2006. Tanya has made dives in the Red sea(Egypt), Philippines(Mindoro Island), many times in Vietnam and many times in the Barents sea of course. She bought her first underwater camera Sea&Sea DX-1G with YS-110 strobe in March 2008. She has started taking photographs lovely creatures in Vietnam, then at the Barents sea.

You can see more of her photography at www.lifelines.net.ru



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Vayssierea elegans from Peter the Great Bay, RussiaIdentification reviewed by Alexander Martynov
(1 photo from Tatiana Antokhina)

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