Francesco de Marchi****** » 1702 photos

Born in Italy in 1961, Francesco started diving at the age of 16 but it took over 30 years and more than 5000 dives to start with underwater macro photography. He dove the western Italia, all around the Red Sea, the most popular Maldivian reef, the Philippines and finally Indonesia; a few trips to Bunaken and Lembeh and two liveaboards to Komodo and Raja Ampat, where Daniela, his beloved mate and a real nudi addict, managed to draw his attention from big fishes to small critters, convinced him ... read more


Angelo de Faveri**** » 1630 photos

Angelo was borne 51 years ago in Asmara (Eritrea) and he has spent all his life in tropical sea. He has always been interested in underwater environment. Arrived in Kenya in 1991 established a diving school Blue Fin Diving, he is a PADI diving instructor in teaching status and all free moments are spent searching for nudibranchs with his passion and hobby for underwater photography . He was certified as Open Water Diver in Saudi Arabia in 1982 , here he lived for 7 years, diving in that ... read more


Indra Swari**** » 1494 photos

Indra has always had a keen eye for macro since the beginning of her diving experience back in 1995. The beauty that the sea offers has encaptured her in so many ways and to this day continues to. When she started underwater photography, her passion and appetite for the macro world increased through her photography. You can find some of her work at and One of her enjoyments while diving is the anticipation and thrill of finding new ... read more


Anthony Holley********* » 1229 photos

Anthony Holley is now retired from a series of underwater scientific and photographic expeditions in the 1990s to the South China Sea (including looking for wrecks around the Vietnamese Spratley Islands) and the Java Sea. Anthony hired a Nikonos III on his ninth dive in Malta in 1984, taking some good octopus shots, which he took many years to improve. Having been a keen land photographer, his first very basic Hanimex film camera was quickly superseded by a Nikonos V. He was introduced to ... read more


Gordon Tillen********* » 1082 photos

Gordon is currently retired and diving almost every day in the Philippines. He has been diving since 1964. He got his first point & shoot camera in 2006 and took it to Taveuni, Fiji and has been on fire with underwater photography ever since. In 2007 he traveled to Panama and Honduras while his passion for marine life grew exponentially. In 2008 he went on a dive quest through Asia and logged over 600 dives in the Philippines, Indonesia, Burma, Thailand. In 2008 he participated in the Shootout ... read more


Kevin Lee********* » 1065 photos

Kevin Lee thrives on adventure. For three years he backpacked around the world, visiting over 30 countries, including multiple treks to Mt. Everest Base Camp and to the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro. Among his memorable experiences, he fondly recalls a warm hug from Mother Teresa and meeting the Dalai Lama. A few years ago, Kevin learned scuba diving and, in order to share the wonders of the ocean with friends, he took up underwater photography. He has particular fondness for opisthobranchs and ... read more


Orietta Rivolta » 999 photos

Orietta Rivolta lives in Italy, in a town near Milan. She started diving in 1996, but only in 2005 began underwater photography which became her favorite hobby. She has been lucky enough to dive in many locations around the world: Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Maldives, Malindi, Philippines, Milne Bay PNG and a lot of sites in Indonesia. Her favorite destinations are: Philippines and Derawan. Her first camera has been Sony P100, then she bought Canon G7 end now she is using Canon G9.


Ken Tucker***** » 934 photos

Ken never saw the ocean until he was 34. At the age of 48, he learned to dive and swim, finally overcoming an intense fear of the water. Underwater photography immediately followed. Fourteen years later, he is now a master diver and cave certified. He considers his pursuit of underwater photography secondary to no other interest. Working thru numerous camera systems, he has finally settled on a Nikon D2x/Subal system, with INON Z-240 strobes. Ken is by education a mathematician, by past ... read more


Lorenzo de Ponti** » 920 photos

Born in 1948, Keren Eritrea. Following the adventures of Jacques Cousteau and became addicted to diving and underwater photography. Dove extensively the east and west coast of the Red Sea. In 1983, he was certified as open water diver and in 1985 as PADI Diving instructor, currently in teaching status. His home is in Malindi, Kenya where from July up to April dives everyday in partnership with Blue Fin Diving ltd. He has found many different species of nudibranch and looking for many more.


Anouk Houben*** » 737 photos

Anouk Houben is a Belgian national living in Sri Lanka. She started diving in 1995 and has since dived mostly in Sri Lanka, Maldives, Philippines and Bali. Two years ago Anouk discovered the joys of underwater photography. Nudibranchs are high on her list of macro shots. She uses a Nikon D80 with an Ikelite housing and strobes.