Jun Lao » 90 photos

Photographs taken: Discodoris boholiensis, Glossodoris atromarginata, Hoplodoris estrelyado, Phyllodesmium briareum, Mexichromis multituberculata, Nembrotha sp., Chelidonura varians, Bursatella leachii, Glossodoris cincta, Thuridilla flavomaculata and more ...

Erik Schlögl » 89 photos

Ever since taking a Nikonos V on the last dive of his open water dive course in 1994, Erik Schlögl has had a strong interest in underwater photography. His photographs have been published in numerous books, magazines and newspapers. The highest accolade he has received so far was a "Highly Commended" in the Gerald Durrell Award for Endangered Wildlife category of the Natural History Museum/BBC Wildlife Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition. His more "artistic" images can be found on ... read more


Elanie Junita » 88 photos

Elanie Junita did her open water in Tenggol Island, Malaysia in 2007. She is currently a Master student in University Malaysia of Terengganu, undertaking Marine Science and she focuses on soft corals as her research topic. Her interest on sea slugs developed when she got her very first picture of a nudibranch, Nembrotha kubaryana in Tioman Island, using her compact point and shoot digital Canon Ixus 70. She accidentally flooded her camera and that became a strong reason for her to upgrade to ... read more


Afflitti Gianluca » 88 photos

Photographs taken: Chromodoris annae, Elysia ornata, Phyllidia varicosa, Chromodoris kuniei, Dendrodoris denisoni, Hypselodoris maculosa, Ceratosoma trilobatum, Armina sp., Glossodoris cincta, Janolus sp. and more ...

Nikki Hsu » 86 photos

Nikki started diving in 2003, and then enthused on diving. She loves diving in North East Coast of Taiwan on summer weekends and also liked to have a diving vacation every year. She has been to Anilao, Moalboal, and Sipadan. In 2004 she discovered the enchantment of underwater photography and use Olympus C7070 with an Olympus housing and one Inon strobe. On June 2008, Nikki found Nudi Pixel and falls in love with this web site. She also enjoys sharing the Nudibranch pictures taken in Taiwan to ... read more


Mat Yie** » 84 photos

Photographs taken: Chromodoris coi, Gymnodoris impudica, Plocamopherus tilesii, Chromodoris fidelis, Risbecia pulchella, Glossodoris atromarginata, Nembrotha cristata, Philinopsis pilsbryi, Philinopsis speciosa, Pteraeolidia ianthina and more ...

Karen Ranga » 82 photos

Photographs taken: Risbecia tryoni, Chromodoris lochi, Phyllidia elegans, Chromodoris willani, Halgerda elegans, Hypselodoris jacksoni, Phyllodesmium macphersonae, Reticulidia fungia, Mexichromis mariei, Phyllidia elegans and more ...

Lea Moser » 81 photos

Born and raised in South-Korea, worked as a 3D artist ( for many years till moved to Switzerland in 1999. Learning diving was a big challenge for her, because she was afraid of water. Now she is glad to made this, and love discovering the beauty of underwater. She started with underwater photography in 2006 with a small compact camera and still need to learn a lot. Now she is addicted to taking photos of underwater world, especially nudibranchs and other small critters. Visit ... read more


Johan Swanepoel* » 81 photos

Johan Swanepoel lives in Port Elizabeth , South Africa and since childhood has always been interested in nature. His dream was to become marine biologist. In following his passion he set up and maintained his own marine tanks taking particular care to replicate life in the ocean with all its fascinating biodiversity. As so often happens, life had other plans for him as he completed his B Comm Degree at the University of Port Elizabeth, now known as the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University. ... read more


Aldo Zanetti » 81 photos

Aldo lives in Northern Italy and his main passion is diving. His main job is in company management and he is also a diving instructor. He has taken pictures in several sites in Italy and around the world, including Red Sea and Southern Pacific. Nudibranch is his favorite subject so he is very happy to discover Nudi Pixel. His camera is Olympus m700 / PT032 with Sea&Sea SY-27 flash