Melvin Lee* » 68 photos

He started diving in 2006 and soon followed by taking up underwater photography. He currently shoots a Canon 400D in Ikelite housing with Inon Z240. He has won Best Wide Angle in Redang Kalong Shootout 2007, 3rd in Malaysia International Dive Expo uwnderwater Photography Competition 2007 and 3rd (Novice) in Underwater Photography competition 2007. You can see more of his photography at


Darja Tjioe* » 68 photos

Darja Tjioe couldn’t resist the calling of the sea any longer and moved from Amsterdam in the Netherlands to El Gouna, Egypt, in 1999. Since then, she worked as a dive guide, an instructor and an underwater videographer. Even after diving for so many years, nothing makes her happier than finding rare and tiny critters and capturing them on film or photo. She filmed big sharks and tiny nudi's on three continents, and her video's truly reflect her passion for marine life. Now she combines her ... read more

Terry Moore » 67 photos

Terry Moore started diving back in 1983 and cut his teeth exploring Port Philip Bay in Victoria Australia. As the years passed he moved up to be a PADI Divemaster in 1988 while living in Perth Western Australia and after a 8 year stint in the Australian Army as a combat medic Terry got certified as PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer with Mike Ball Dive Expeditions in Townsville in 1998. He was soon employed by Mike Ball to be the resident Photo Video Pro on board TSMV Watersport (now sold) and ... read more


Dominick Macedonio » 67 photos

Photographs taken: Hexabranchus morsomus, Phyllidiopsis krempfi, Phyllidiopsis sphingis, Nembrotha lineolata, Phyllidiopsis xishaensis, Phyllidiella cooraburrama, Pleurobranchus forskalii, Chromodoris tinctoria, Phyllidia ocellata, Halgerda batangas and more ...

Peter Fuller » 67 photos

Peter Fuller is a wildlife photographer from Victoria, Australia. Peter has been an avid bird photographer for many years, and recently started exploring the underwater world, where nudibranchs have captured his imagination. Living on the Bellarine Peninsula, he is nestled between a diverse range of temperate water environments with Port Philip bay to the North, and Bass Strait to the South. Here, water temperatures vary seasonally from 10 to 20 degrees Celsius, and approximately 400 ... read more


Kathrin Hachenberg » 64 photos

Photographs taken: Chromodoris kuniei, Ardeadoris egretta, Glossodoris cincta, Hypselodoris krakatoa, Chelidonura varians, Risbecia apolegma, Chromodoris willani, Phestilla melanobrachia, Phyllodesmium briareum, Chromodoris fidelis and more ...

Mulyadi Setiono** » 63 photos

Mul is husband, father of two and lives in Jakarta. He loves music, scuba diving, taking photo underwater and other adventurous outdoor activities.


Bart Smit » 63 photos

Bart is a warm water diver that dives during his holidays since he believes the dutch waters are a bit too cold for him. Currently he uses a G11 with two Inon macro close-up lenses and an external Inon strobe. You can see his Flickr album here:

Gianni Cicalese » 63 photos

Gianni is an Italian entrepreneur, with a passion of travel and nature, is the owner of the IN OUT Logistics a travel agency specializing in tours of the show business. Photography in his travels for pleasure only. Since 2007, he has also started taking pictures underwater turning the hobby into a real reason for living. He began to take their first shots with a Canon G7 and then switch to the reflex camera in December 2009. Currently, his equipment are: EOS 500D with housing Nimar 3D and 2 ... read more


James Peake****** » 61 photos

James lives on the Mornington Peninsula in SE Australia. As a boy he snorkeled his local reefs which helped inspire a lifelong fascination with the marine world. His late uncle and aunty who were SCUBA divers plus UW Photographers and the stories and images they shared encouraged James to become certified to dive in 1989. In 2007 a desire to capture images of marine life for himself led James to purchase his first UW Digital camera. The waters of Southern Australia hold incredible and unique ... read more