Anson Soo » 44 photos

He comes from Malaysia which is located in the heart of the Indo-Pacific basin, a country so beautiful that it's only natural for one to fall in love with the incredible bio-diversity of marine life. Although he is relatively new to the diving world and started diving only in 2007, he gets more passionate after every single dive. He finds it exciting to be able to capture precious shots below the warm sea's surface with a concentration of vibrant and exotic marine life rarely rivaled anywhere ... read more


David Henshaw » 44 photos

David, along with his wife Debi, were former owners of a graphic design and production studio based in UK. He decided to retire early to escape the day to day hassles of business life and live out his dream to live abroad in a quiet location and enjoy good weather and sunshine. This has been achieved but having led such a busy existence the need to work at something became a driving force for David to develop his creative and marketing skills through the lens of his camera. Land photography ... read more


Massimo Capodicasa » 42 photos

Massimo is a software engineer with a deep feeling with water, since he was born in a marine place in the beautiful island of Sicily, in the south of Italy. He loves swimming in warm waters, and started his diving career in Syracuse, Sicily in 1998 with his OWD, followed by AOWD in 2001. He bought his first camera (a Sea & Sea Motormarine MX-10) in 2002 for his first liveaboard in the Red Sea, upgraded to a Motormarine III to improve his photo quality, then moved to digital after drowning ... read more


Bob Abela** » 41 photos

Bob's active interest in marine life began at an early age, while growing up in San Francisco. He became a certified scuba diver in 1979, while still in high school. His pursuits in photography began in 1980. Bob had been stationed on Guam for three years (1985-1988), while he was enlisted in the Navy. He missed it. So after facing a layoff from his last job in California (2002), he decided to return to Guam and make it home. His passion to photograph marine life, with an emphasis upon ... read more

Jon Ellis » 41 photos

Photographs taken: Glossodoris electra, Chromodoris tinctoria, Phyllidiella pustulosa, Halgerda okinawa, Geitodoris sp., Phyllidia coelestis, Aegires citrinus, Ceratosoma magnificum, Dermatobranchus otome, Phyllidia coelestis and more ...

Brent Vollrath » 41 photos

Photographs taken: Hexabranchus morsomus, Phyllidiella pustulosa, Bornella anguilla, Aplysia californica, Hexabranchus sanguineus, Chromodoris coi, Limacia cockerelli, Dirona albolineata, Triopha catalinae, Doris montereyensis and more ...

James van den Broek* » 41 photos

Photographs taken: Chromodoris magnifica, Ceratosoma tenue, Thecacera sp., Hypselodoris infucata, Chromodoris splendida, Hypselodoris bennetti, Euselenops luniceps, Protaeolidiella sp., Armina semperi, Hypselodoris whitei and more ...

Andy Chan » 40 photos

Andy Chan started diving in 1988, used to own Albatross Diving Adventure in Gili Trawangan Lombok, now lives in Bali, diving instructor by profession, taking his fist underwater pictures with Canon AS - 6 Amphibious Camera in 1989, then up grade his camera from time to time including: Nikonos V - SB-103, Nexus Master with Nikon F-90x -SB-105. And own his first underwater digital point and shot camera in August 2009, Canon G9 and in 2010 Canon S90 both with Canon Housing + Nikon SB 105 & Sea ... read more


Clark Marino* » 40 photos

Photographs taken: Peltodoris nobilis, Ceratosoma amoenum, Trinchesia divae, Acanthodoris rhodoceras, Doriopsilla gemela, Okenia rosacea, Peltodoris nobilis, Diaulula sandiegensis, Aphelodoris luctuosa, Flabellina iodinea and more ...

Marco Chang » 40 photos

Photographs taken: Chromodoris annae, Ceratosoma moloch, Jorunna parva, Ceratosoma trilobatum, Berthellina citrina, Glossodoris tomsmithi, Flabellina rubrolineata, Trinchesia diversicolor, Dendrodoris guttata, Platydoris cruenta and more ...