Choh Wah Ye » 39 photos

A recreational diver who got certified in 1999, and got hooked on diving since. Residing in Kuala Lumpur, he usually makes a few dive trips to the east coast islands of Malaysia, or nearby ASEAN countries such as Indonesia and Thailand yearly. He picked up underwater photography as a hobby in 2003 and enjoys shooting anything underwater, including nudibranchs.


Jordi Regàs* » 39 photos

Jordi Regàs started diving in 2000 at the Costa Brava, the northeastern part of the Spanish coast. He works as a journalist with a great interest in image. That brought him in 2005 to take the risk of underwater photography, something that developed very soon into a passion. A friend, the photographer Enric Madrenas, introduced him into the world of sea slugs, a sort of animals which both have been photographing together systematically since 2007. Actually you can see on the Internet pictures ... read more


Stéphane Primatesta** » 39 photos

Photographs taken: Chromodoris annulata, Flabellina babai, Doris montereyensis, Peltodoris nobilis, Phyllidiella zeylanica, Dendronotus diversicolor, Flabellina affinis, Jorunna funebris, Phyllidiella rosans, Hypselodoris villafranca and more ...

Pauline Bosserelle » 38 photos

Photographs taken: Phyllidiella cf. annulata, Risbecia tryoni, Cerberilla annulata, Tambja morosa, Sagaminopteron psychedelicum, Phyllidiella rosans, Chromodoris verrieri, Hypselodoris whitei, Chromodoris sp., Flabellina bicolor and more ...

Nigel Thomson » 38 photos

Photographs taken: Halgerda carlsoni, Glossodoris atromarginata, Hypselodoris whitei, Chromodoris annae, Phyllidia varicosa, Chromodoris annae, Mexichromis multituberculata, Chromodoris annae, Chromodoris coi, Flabellina bilas and more ...

Alicia Hermosillo » 37 photos

Alicia has been studying nudibranchs for 6 years. Her Ph. D. thesis work consisted of four years of monthly surveys in 10 sites of Bahía de Banderas (Puerto Vallarta) where she found many undescribed species and characterized the different communities in the Bay. She finally got her degree in Dec 2006. She has worked biodiversity and taxonomy projects in the main coast and oceanic islands of the Mexican Pacific, Panama and Costa Rica. Some work in California, Alaska and British Columbia. Her ... read more


Erwin Koehler » 36 photos

Photographs taken: Risbecia apolegma, Roboastra tentaculata, Noumea simplex, Chromodoris krohni, Limenandra fusiformis, Aegires minor, Chromodoris colemani, Chromodoris preciosa, Phyllidia willani, Bulla ampulla and more ...

Tan Pee Pheng » 36 photos

Tan Pee Pheng started to dive since 2003 when he took PADI Open Water, ever since he was fascinated with the underwater beauty, specially micro or nudibranch. Tan has dive actively in Malaysia, such as Perhentian Island, Redang Island, Tenggol Island and had travel to Jeju Island and Tulamben for micro shot. Tan has had a real Passion in Underwater Photography, he would like to capture this beautiful creature and share it with his friends, he started with Sony Cybershot DSC P-150 and had ... read more


Debra Burnsworth » 36 photos

Photographs taken: Glossodoris cincta, Glossodoris atromarginata, Hermaea sp., Odontoglaja guamensis, Plakobranchus sp., Chromodoris leopardus, Phyllidiella cooraburrama, Elysia ornata, Nembrotha lineolata, Chromodoris preciosa and more ...

Francis Tan » 35 photos

Born on 1978 October in Singapore. Holding a Diploma in Manufacturing and currently working as an senior technician in the air force. Was introduced to the scuba diving world in the early 1999 and was deeply enchanted by the peacefulness and vibrancy of the underwater world. Francis is also a passionate photographer during his free time, taking photos for various events such as wedding and corporate functions. Visit his Flickr site. His combination of both interests allow him to explore ... read more