Ken Thongpila******** » 475 photos

Ken is a Thai guy living in Sydney and working as a Web Designer. He created his own diving website and publishes all of his photos which he wants to share with everyone and show how great the underwater world is. He loves diving in Sydney and surrounds nearly every weekend and also likes to have a diving holiday every year. His first camera was a Canon S45 then an Olympus C5050 and now an Olympus SP560. He is happy to get in touch with anyone by email and also more of his photos can be ... read more


Jeffrey de Guzman******** » 470 photos

Jeffrey de Guzman was certified as a NAUI open water diver in 1986. In May 2006, Jeffrey made his first venture into u/w photography with a Canon S80 compact camera. He is currently using a Nikon D300. Examples of his work have appeared in major publications, such as Australasia Scuba Diver Magazine, Asian Diver, Unterwasser, Sport Diver, EZ Dive, Scuba Diving Magazine, the Padi Project Aware Website, Padi Newsletters, Neville Coleman's Nudibranch Encyclopedia, Terry Gosliner - Indo Pacific ... read more


Stanislav Denissyuk » 436 photos

Stas was born and has grown in the place where there are the mountains, the steppes and the deserts, but there is no sea. He has received his first dive certificate CMAS in 2001 and has continued learn diving the training system PADI in 2003. Next year he has arrived to Koh Tao, Thailand where hi has made the first underwater photos by the rented camera. It was cool ! When he come back at home, he has bought his first camera Olympus C-8080 with external sub strobe Ikelite DS-125. Two years ... read more


Pornsak Noiphan* » 434 photos

Pornsak Noiphan (nickname: Toey) first did his Open Water Diver certification in Krabi in the year of 2000 and then started to work in dive shop in Bangkok. And after tsunami, he worked in Khao Lak until now. He really loves nudi and small animal. Every time he goes diving, he hopes to see some nudi he never seen before. Until nowhe has seen many species but it still not enough, he wants to see more and more


Mary Jane Adams* » 397 photos

Mary Jane is a retired anesthesiologist who lives in Southern California. She has dived in 35 countries around the world since 1975, always with a camera in her hand. Her undersea interests have progressed over the years from fish to WW II wrecks to big animals and finally to sea slugs and other small creatures. She has dived with whale sharks, great white sharks, hammerheads and Orcas, but now gets more excited about finding and documenting new species of fish and invertebrates, especially ... read more


Gary McDonald******* » 365 photos

He has studied nudibranchs for more than 40 years, with main interests in taxonomy, nomenclature, and feeding preferences. He obtained his B.Sc. in 1970 from California Polytechnic State University; & M.A. in 1978 from Moss Landing Marine Laboratories. He was a marine biologist and computer specialist at Long Marine Laboratory, University of California at Santa Cruz, from 1976 to 2007. He retired in 2007 and is now a Research Fellow at Long Marine Laboratory. His interests include “macro ... read more


Edward Blackshaw » 365 photos

Ed started diving in 1993, getting certified while in Dubai, U.A.E. Ed and his lovely wife Laura are a great team when it comes to finding nudibranchs. The pair is very patient and methodical, checking every crack and crevice in the hopes of finding a species that they haven’t seen before. Ed only started taking photographs underwater in 2006. He still uses the same Sea and Sea Dx8000 with two Sea and Sea YS-110 strobes, which continues to provide excellent results. Ed and Laura have ... read more


Peter Vermeul » 365 photos

Photographs taken: Pteraeolidia ianthina, Nembrotha kubaryana, Caloria elegans, Nembrotha kubaryana, Philinopsis speciosa, Glossodoris pallida, Chromodoris strigata, Chromodoris joshi, Umbraculum umbraculum, Chromodoris britoi and more ...

Larry Polster**** » 319 photos

Larry Polster started diving 1968 with the Untied State Marine Corps in Southern California and continued as a civilian traveling most Caribbean destinations. His first film camera was an inexpensive Reef Life in late 1999 during a trip to Australia and quickly upgraded to digital when Nikon introduced the Coolpix 5000. Next came a DSLR Nikon D70 and currently a Nikon D300, Ikelite housing, D125 and D160 strobes with INON 45 degree view finder. His favorite lens is 105VR with external ... read more


Gabriele Ostuni » 317 photos

Photographs taken: Hexabranchus sanguineus, Nembrotha chamberlaini, Phyllidiella granulata, Glossodoris pallida, Chromodoris strigata, Siphopteron brunneomarginatum, Chromodoris strigata, Chromodoris magnifica, Aegires citrinus, Chromodoris magnifica and more ...