Jirawat Chatcharkorn* » 308 photos

"Jirawat or better know by his diving team call Pop, is Thai people, who really love scuba diving and underwater photography particular for taking a photo of various kind of nudibranch. He started diving since 2002 with the opportunity to join in the team of Blueshark Diver in Bangkok in 2006. For the accumulate experience of working as divemaster for 1 year it turn to be his opportunity to become Instructor of NAUI institution. From this institution, there is impression that drives his ... read more


Tim Rendell » 308 photos

Tim was born in Nairobi, Kenya in 1972 and was educated there and in the UK. His love of the ocean was inspired by his father Gareth, who first took him snorkeling in the Kenyan Coastal lagoons at the early age of six. He did his dive first dive with his father in Torbay, England when he was fifteen but did not take up the sport professionally until 2002. On the way to New Zealand to continue working as English teacher, he first took a short holiday in Dominican Republic where an instructor ... read more


Erwin Kodiat*********** » 306 photos

Erwin is now running a dive center called D Scuba Club in Bali, Indonesia. He is the main web developer of Nudi Pixel and also maintain the data by himself. He is also the co-founder of Kapal Selam Dive Club, a non profit dive club. He has pursued underwater photography as an enjoyable pastime since 2005 after a short introduction to the art by his friend, Hengky Dotulong. He considers Yuji Law his underwater photography tutor for technical and equipment considerations. Erwin has traveled to ... read more


Luisfer Diego*** » 305 photos

Luisfer (real name is Luis Fernando) got his first experience with Scuba equipment near Koh Tao in 1996, but it was in 1997 when he took his OWD course in Roatan. Since then, he was engaged with the underwater photography and started taking pictures with a Sea&Sea MX5 slide camera. After first contacts with uw cameras he moved to a Olympus C-4000 digital and begun to take nudis and sea slugs pictures in a Sulawesi trip. He soon discovered his passion for macro photography and critter pictures. ... read more


João Pedro Silva** » 304 photos

In spite of being an IT professional, Joao Pedro Silva has kept an interest on biology since an early age. By his 16th birthday he received his first SLR camera and has photographed wildlife ever since, especially the smaller and more cryptic animals. By 2000, some of his friend divers encouraged him to start photographing underwater and this has turned into a serious addiction. It was then that he found his first nudibranch, a Flabellina babai, an animal so beautiful as intriguing that he ... read more


Steve Childs**** » 294 photos

Steve took up diving in the 1990s to add purpose to his love of travel. A decade of liveaboard diving – acute sea-sickness ruled out day boat diving – in Thailand, Malaysia, Australia, India (Andaman Islands) and the Red Sea, meant that by the early 2000s the joys of “guided tours” of coral reefs were beginning to pall. An expedition to Bali in 2005 offered the opportunity to undertake beach dives on muck. The combination of beach diving (no sea sickness) and the muck diving sites of ... read more


Ria Qorina Lubis » 277 photos

Ria was born in Jakarta and is currently working for IT company in Jakarta. Before her first dive in 2004, she could not swim. For her, diving was just a dream. But after so many underwater shows and programs she watched on TV, she was determined to see the all the beautiful creatures and experience the peaceful underwater environment by herself. So in 2004, she took a swimming lesson followed by diving lesson, and finally took her first dive at Lombok. Underwater activities have led Ria and ... read more


Hans Tibboel* » 276 photos

Hans Tibboel was born in The Netherlands but left his homeland for the tropics at age 24. He learned to dive in Chumpon, Thailand in 1991 and has never left the water ever since. Thailand became his new home as he worked as Divemaster and Instructor in Chumporn and Krabi before finally settling down in Phuket. Hans’s diving adventures have taken him to the Gulf of Thailand (Koh Tao, Chumporn, Koh Samui. Pattani, Losin), the islands and dive-sites off the East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia ... read more


Sully Bachel » 262 photos

Sully Bachel and his wife Monika live in Réunion Island, an overseas départements of France located 250 km from Mauritius and 800 km from Madagascar. They dive every Saturday and sometimes Sunday since 5 to 7 years ago. Sully is interested to underwater photography and particularly nudibranch since one year ago when a French guy told him that he found an unknown nudibranch in July 2008. He tries to learn about the world of nudibranch from a French forum (Philibert ... read more

Daniela Wolf** » 244 photos

Daniela started diving in 2000 in Koh Samui, Thailand. She then went to Tioman and Redang Islands in Malaysia for diving holidays. But the summer of 2003 changed everything. She went with Benno to Zakyntos (Greece). It was great and she decided to start divining in Switzerland, too. A cold idea! Not long after that, it was necessary to buy a dry suit. A new experience! In 2004 she went to Negros Philippines and what did she need? An underwater camera, of course. So she bought a Sony P12 and ... read more