Ronnie Ng** » 241 photos

Ronnie Ng runs Bubbles Dive Center located on the secluded beach of Perhentian Islands (Big Island) Malaysia. He has a special eyes for nudibranchs. Specialized in macro photography and loves muck diving.


Ole Johan Brett* » 234 photos

O.J.Brett started his diving in the Maldives in 1992, working for Crown Compani and Mr. Hussain Afeef on the island of Rangalifinolhu. Today Rangali is managed by Hilton. In 1992 it was only palm trees on the island. Doing exploring dives for several months around in Ari Atoll, the underwater photography interest started to blossom. What could have been a third generation of professional photographers Ole Johan have never made photography his profession, but brought up with cameras, it was ... read more


Bob Widman » 219 photos

Photographs taken: Unidentified species, Favorinus japonicus, Phyllidia elegans, Stylocheilus longicauda, Chelidonura pallida, Pleurobranchus peronii, Hypselodoris purpureomaculosa, Chromodoris albonares, Discodoris boholiensis, Hypselodoris bullockii and more ...

Denis Riek » 212 photos

Denis became involved with marine photography after building a waterproof housing for a Pentax K. Being a keen surfer the idea was to photograph friends surfing but he soon realised he would rather be surfing as well, so when the surf was down he turned the camera on sea slugs and has been hooked ever since. He quickly moved to digital with an Olympus C5060, then on to an Olympus C7070 after drowning the C5060. Fortunately only minor modification was needed to fit the new camera into the PT-020 ... read more


Color Chen » 207 photos

Photographs taken: Chromodoris collingwoodi, Chromodoris aspersa, Chromodoris albopunctata, Siphopteron flavum, Hypselodoris purpureomaculosa, Noumeaella sp., Thorunna daniellae, Ceratosoma gracillimum, Tambja limaciformis, Actinocyclus verrucosus and more ...

Karen Honeycutt* » 205 photos

Karen started diving at the age of 56 in 1998. She is by education and training a European historian, who at 40 got a law degree in order to live and work in Manhattan. She retired in 2005, and now devotes her energies to diving, underwater photography, and the Metropolitan Opera. Karen would like to express her gratitude to the founders and administrators of sites like Nudipixel for so generously sharing with the rest of us their expertise and knowledge about all the wonderful creatures ... read more


Luis Ma Naya* » 205 photos

Luis Ma Naya born in San Sebastian in 1961 and started diving at 17 years old. Now he is a CMAS diving instructor, usually he dives at San Sebastian. He works the University of the Basque Country, where he teaches Comparative Education. For the underwater photography, he uses a Nikon D80 in an Ikelite Housing, 105 VR, Macromate lens and two Ikelite DS 160 Strobes.


Sonja Ooms* » 205 photos

Sonja and her husband René started diving in 2003. After diving the coral reefs of Thailand, Malaysia and the Maldives, they moved to the Philippines for professional reasons for 4 years where they discovered the incredible wealth and variety of the macro underwater world. And who says macro in the Philippines says the butterflies of the sea: nudibranchs. In order to be able to identify after the dive the nudis they saw, Sonja started photographing them. This developed into an interesting ... read more


James Scott » 197 photos

As a passionate traveler, James has visited over 50 countries and these days much of his time abroad is spent in the water chasing after sharks or searching for nudibranchs. James is based out of Toronto, Canada and provides post-production and videography services for a wide range of broadcast projects. Some of his underwater photography can be viewed at


Mike Krampf* » 190 photos

Mike has been diving for over 25 years and was fortunate enough to get an expat assignment in Malaysia from March, 2005 to July, 2007. It was during this period that Mike began to appreciate macro diving and became fascinated by all the different species of nudibranches. Mike took advantage of his short stay in Asia to visit many great dive locations like Palau, Raja Ampat, Alor, Komodo, Bali, Vietnam, Sulawesi, Lembeh Strait, the Philippines (Anilao, Puerto Galera, Tubbataha and Malapascua), ... read more