Rizal Christian » 3 photos

Photographs taken: Chromodoris reticulata, Elysia sp., Pleurobranchus peronii

Ole Lindbjerg » 3 photos

Photographs taken: Cuthona nana, Aeolidia papillosa, Aeolidia papillosa

Rene Tarko » 3 photos

Photographs taken: Haminoea cyanomarginata, Chromodoris africana

Mark Drew » 2 photos

Mark started diving only two years ago, but has become hooked, along with his wife Jan. They now dive in the Red sea whenever they can. Mark has had a keen interest in photography since childhood. This now has expanded to underwater where he is still a novice. Hopefully there will be many more photos in the future. Mark has a BSC(Hons) in Earth sciences which encompass oceanography.

Ernie Collier » 2 photos

Photographs taken: Halgerda guahan, Chromodoris coi

Neville Coleman » 2 photos

Honorary Fellow Australian Institute of Professional Photography; Associate Australian museum; Consultant Queensland Museum; Project AWARE Honorary Board of Governors ASIA/PACIFIC; 2007 inductee to the SCUBA DIVERS HALL OF FAME. Multi-award winning photographic environmentalist, Neville has been seriously recording the aquatic wildlife of the Asia/Pacific region since 1963. With over 1000 published articles in over 150 magazines, 100,000 images and 60 marine life natural history ... read more


Alexander Martynov » 2 photos

Dr. Alexander Martynov has studied opisthobranch molluscs since 1985 year, firstly at the coast of the Japan Sea, but then expanded his researches to all vast Russian Seas. The main fields of interests are Opisthobranch taxonomy and phylogeny. Scientific Researcher, Ph.D. thesis (1999) was titled “Fauna of the nudibranchs molluscs of NW part of the Japan Sea (with discussion on the taxonomy and phylogeny of the order Nudibranchia)”. Principal regions of study are NW Pacific, Arctic, North ... read more


Terry Gosliner » 2 photos

Senior Curator and Senior Officer for Collaborative Programs California Academy of Sciences Dr. Terrence M. Gosliner received an A.B. degree from the University of California, Berkeley in Biological. His Master’s Degree is from the University of Hawaii in Zoology and his PhD. is from the University of New Hampshire. He taught Zoology at the University of New Hampshire and served as Chief Professional Officer at the South African Museum in Cape Town, South Africa. He is a Fellow of the ... read more


Beverly Cabanatan » 2 photos

Photographs taken: Thecacera pacifica, Chromodoris verrieri

Neil Wright » 2 photos

Photographs taken: Chromodoris lineolata, Chromodoris lineolata