Ashley Missen » 189 photos

Photographs taken: Ceratosoma brevicaudatum, Aphelodoris varia, Noumea crocea, Chromodoris strigata, Trapania brunnea, Glossodoris atromarginata, Chromodoris colemani, Ceratosoma brevicaudatum, Ceratosoma magnificum, Phyllodesmium serratum and more ...

Jim Thirkill » 183 photos

An American living and working in China, Jim is an outdoors fan with a particular interest in diving. After purchasing an underwater camera housing in 2009 he has become a macro photography enthusiast and has been able to indulge in this interest during various travels in Asia and the U.S.


Robert Panko » 181 photos

Photographs taken: Antonietta janthina, Nembrotha sp., Halgerda willeyi, Phyllodesmium magnum, Armina semperi, Phyllidia elegans, Phyllidia polkadotsa, Aplysia parvula, Chromodoris annae, Thuridilla gracilis and more ...

Deb Aston* » 180 photos

Photographs taken: Sclerodoris sp. , Janolus sp., Bullina lineata, Ceratosoma amoenum, Sclerodoris sp. , Flabellina rubrolineata, Trinchesia sibogae, Chromodoris collingwoodi, Baeolidia major, Glossodoris averni and more ...

Chet King* » 179 photos

Chet became a certified diver in 1969 and has been diving ever since. He holds a degree in Oceanographic Technology from Florida Institute of Technology. This year (2008) is his 30th year as a PADI Instructor. Chet lived in the Cayman Islands and worked as an instructor and dive guide for over 10 years. As a guide to many world renowned underwater photographers he never had any interest in taking a camera underwater until he bought his first digital camera in 2001. The addiction began with a ... read more


Tatiana Antokhina* » 179 photos

Tanya is a Ph.D student of the Institute of Ecology and Evolution in Moscow now. She is studying symbiotic animals associated with shallow-water tropical sea stars and she is very interested in beautiful nudibranchs. Her first dive was in 1998 in the Black sea in Russia. After a long time since her first dive Tanya has started diving in 2003 in a cold water of the White and Barents seas at the North of Russia. Later she also has been diving in tropical seas since 2006. Tanya has made dives in ... read more


Carlos Fernandez-Cid » 178 photos

Photographs taken: Ceratosoma gracillimum, Platydoris sanguinea, Platydoris cinerobranchiata, Aegires minor, Chromodoris dianae, Facelina rubrovittata, Flabellina pedata, Tylodina perversa, Okenia nakamotoensis, Eubranchus farrani and more ...

Gilbert Matthias » 174 photos

Photographs taken: Thuridilla albopustulosa, Chelidonura punctata, Flabellina sp., Tambja gabrielae, Philinopsis gardineri, Hydatina physis, Godiva sp., Hypselodoris maculosa, Mexichromis multituberculata, Pleurobranchus peronii and more ...

Alan Coppel » 174 photos

Obtaining his open water certification in December 2007, Alan has since quickly amassed over 700 dives, and now holds his master scuba diver certification. He counts himself fortunate enough to dive in over 20 countries, although his favorite, and most frequented destinations, are in Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, and the Philippines. Early trips to Lembeh and Milne Bay earned him great appreciation for all macro life, including nudibranchs. While still learning as an underwater photographer, ... read more


Yuji Law** » 168 photos

Yuji is a nudibranch lover from Malaysia. He has lived as an expatriate in Singapore since Jan 1997. His passion is underwater photography especially macro critters. He has been dubbed a Macro Maniac for taking extreme close-ups and focusing on only small parts of his objects as he is fascinated by the color, details and texture of shrimps, fish, nudibranchs and corals. He claims that he is still learning to shoot and to get good angles, and continues to study the technical and artistic ... read more