Lars Persson* » 115 photos

Photographs taken: Risbecia tryoni, Ceratosoma gracillimum, Peltodoris atromaculata, Phyllidia varicosa, Nembrotha cristata, Ceratosoma trilobatum, Phyllidiella granulata, Chromodoris fidelis, Peltodoris atromaculata, Chromodoris reticulata and more ...

Eunice Khoo* » 115 photos

Photographs taken: Noumea angustolutea, Nembrotha chamberlaini, Nembrotha yonowae, Jorunna sp., Limenandra fusiformis, Chromodoris lineolata, Chromodoris preciosa, Chromodoris elisabethina, Flabellina rubrolineata, Trinchesia yamasui and more ...

Wolfgang Krutz** » 114 photos

Wolfgang has started diving many years ago in the cold waters of Lake Constanze in south Germany. He soon realized that there is more to diving than dry suits and no visibility and went to the tropics. In 2001 he founded the Water Worx Dive Center in Padang Bai, Bali and in 2003 he took up underwater photography mainly for the reason to show his guest on his dive center’s web site what treasures underwater Bali has to offer. Then it became passion…


Mike Bartick***** » 112 photos

Mike Bartick is an avid and experienced scuba diver and marine wildlife photographer residing in southern California. Mike admits that while he is a world traveling diver, the northern Channel Islands of California are amongst his favorite dive spots he has ever experienced. The wildlife in California is second to none, marine mammal encounters, towering, macrocystis kelp, giant black seabass, nudibranchs and inverts, oil platforms and oil Rigs, marine parks and preserves, the list is ... read more


John Fraser » 111 photos

Photographs taken: Philinopsis gardineri, Roboastra gracilis, Halgerda guahan, Phyllidiopsis fissurata, Phyllidia elegans, Phyllidia elegans, Halgerda sp., Phyllidia guamensis, Phyllidia elegans, Chromodoris cf. colemani and more ...

Yap Chong Koon » 110 photos

An accountant by profession, but she loved the sea. Started diving in 2003 and just owned an underwater camera last year (2006). Still learning to master underwater photography. She loves underwater world especially nudibranch. They are so colourful and lovely. Since she got hold of Neville Coleman's 1001 Nudibranchs, she has been going through it everyday. So far she has dived Redang, Dayang/Aur, Pulau Jarak, Pulau Payar & Sipadan, Malaysia. Hope to venture outside Malaysia soon!

Jason Bell » 106 photos

Jason started diving in 2000 in the Egyptian Red Sea and has been addicted ever since. He has also dived in: Roatan Honduras, Mexico, UAE, Oman, and Japan. Since 2002 he has used an Olympus C-4040 with PT-010 housing. He is aided by his wife Dalia when it comes to spotting nudibranchs and other small creatures. Jason also has a website

Budi Ramadi Jerry » 104 photos

Recreational diver & casual underwater photographer. Big fans of nudibranch.

Steven Tessy » 104 photos

Photographs taken: Phyllidia varicosa, Chromodoris lochi, Nembrotha kubaryana, Chromodoris annae, Phyllidia ocellata, Chromodoris willani, Risbecia tryoni, Chromodoris kuniei, Phyllidia coelestis, Chromodoris sp. and more ...

Vishal Bhave* » 104 photos

Photographs taken: Dendrodoris sp., Berthella stellata, Phidiana militaris, Aeolidia sp., Elysia expansa, Noumeaella sp., Favorinus sp., Spurilla cf. salaamica, Bornella stellifer, Doriopsis granulosa and more ...