Aegires citrinus

Pruvot-Fol, 1930

Also known as: Notodoris citrina

Aegires citrinus
Photographed by: Jon Ellis

By Dr. Richard Willan - The names of nudibranchs on Nudi Pixel reflect the most recent taxonomic studies (unlike some other sites on the web). In this case, the names follow the study of the family Aegiridae by Fahey & Gosliner (2004) wherein it was concluded Aegires and Notodoris were the same genus and Aegires had to be used for all the species because it was the older genus. By a quirk of fate there were two separate species, both with the same specific name, citrinus, in the family – Notodoris citrina and Aegires citrinus. When the genera were amalgamated the larger species hitherto called Notodoris citrina became Aegires citrinus and the smaller species hitherto called Aegires citrinus was renamed Aegires pruvotfolae. If ever the two genera are separated in the future (which, incidentally seems very probable), both these species will revert to the specific name citrinus.

Species:Aegires citrinus



Pictures of Aegires citrinus

Aegires citrinus from Okinawa, JapanIdentification reviewed by Richard Willan
Location: Okinawa, Japan
Posted 9 years ago
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