Aldisa pikokai

Bertsch & S. Johnson, 1982

Aldisa pikokai
Photographed by: Angelo de Faveri

Species:Aldisa pikokai

Comment from Scott Johnson on photo #32028
Another tough one. I think this is more likely Sclerodoris tuberculata, although I don't see the characteristic irregular crater-like protrusion middorsally. But looking through my photos, I see a couple where the crater is not evident, yet they are clearly that species.

Comment from Scott Johnson on photo #26846
This has all the external characteristics of Aldisa pikokai including color, number and position of the dorsal craters, dark spots within the craters, crisscrossing network of ridges over the rest of the dorsum. Of course it would take internal examination to be sure, but I think it would be safe to call it pikokai. Egypt is quite a range extension from Hawaii and the Marshall Islands.



Pictures of Aldisa pikokai

Aldisa pikokai from Malindi, KenyaIdentification reviewed by Scott Johnson
Location: Malindi, Kenya
Posted 6 years ago
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Aldisa pikokai from Malindi, Kenya
Location: Malindi, Kenya
Posted 6 years ago
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