Cadlina luteomarginata

Macfarland, 1966

Cadlina luteomarginata
Photographed by: Gary McDonald

Species:Cadlina luteomarginata

Comment from Gary McDonald on photo #16838
This photo shows distinct mantle glands, which I don't find in specimens from central California, but have been reported in specimens from Washington.

Comment from Gary McDonald on photo #9852
I can't give you a positive ID for this photo, it could be an oddly colored Cadlina luteomarginata as you have suggested. I have never seen a specimen colored like this, the ones I have seen have all had relatively large, yellow tipped tubercles on the dorsum. There has been some discussion on the Sea Slug Forum about the possibility of more than one species of similarly colored animals on the Pacific coast of North America.

Comment from Gary McDonald on photo #6694
This is actually Cadlina luteomarginata, not Acanthodoris hudsoni. Acanthodoris hudsoni has longer rhinophores, and more pointed papillae on the dorsum.



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Cadlina luteomarginata from California, USA
Location: California, USA
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