Chromodoris krohni

(Verany, 1846)

Also known as: Chromodoris krohnii

Chromodoris krohni
Photographed by: Sofia Monteiro

Species:Chromodoris krohni

Comment from Richard Willan on photo #10301
This chromodorid nudibranch is characterised by the lilac-pink to pale blue background colour, by the golden marginal band on the mantle with large white glands on its inner side, by the white foot margin, by the 3 white or yellow longitudinal lines (the median one extends anteriorly between the rhinophores and the lateral ones join behind the gills) – these lines can be broken into dashes or spots in some individuals, and often by some white spots or speckles between the longitudinal lines as shown in this individual, and by the uniformly purple rhinophores and gills. Chromodoris krohni occurs in the Mediterranean Sea and adjacent Eastern Atlantic Ocean to the Canary Islands.



Pictures of Chromodoris krohni

Chromodoris krohni from Spain
Location: Spain
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