Chromodoris magnifica

(Quoy & Gaimard, 1832)

Chromodoris magnifica
Photographed by: Yuji Law

Notes from Dr. Richard C. Willan: A species can be identified as Chromodoris magnifica if it has a white band to the outside of the mantle, and the rhinophores and gills are a darker red colour than the orange colour of the (submarginal) band.
Chromodoris magnifica is certainly an incredibly variable species, isn

Species:Chromodoris magnifica

Comment from Richard Willan on photo #27123
If this is really Chromodoris magnifica, it is an extraordinary colour form.

Comment from Nathalie Yonow on photo #767
not quadricolor, but maybe magnifica?

Comment from Richard Willan on photo #9784
This individual is atypical in two ways: it has a very thin white marginal band, and its right rhinophore is bifurcate.

Comment from Richard Willan on photo #7719
A mating pair

Comment from Richard Willan on photo #5885
Note the white marginal band on the mantle.

Comment from Richard Willan on photo #1280
This identification is based on the white band around the mantle border. However this individual is very unusual in having the black longitudinal stripes bisected longitudinally by ochre stripes.



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Chromodoris magnifica from Lampung, Indonesia
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