Chromodoris tennentana

(Kelaart, 1859)

Also known as: Chromodoris vicina

Chromodoris tennentana
Photographed by: Anouk Houben

According to Dr. Richard Willan: I have spent more than an hour today looking at all the photos labelled Chromodoris tennentana and Chromodoris cavae on Nudi Pixel at your request. I have decided they all belong to one very variable species. The supposed differences between them suggested by Bill Rudman on his Sea Slug Forum cannot be substantiated when many specimens are studied from many different localities across the Indian Ocean. Consequently put them all under Chromodoris tennentana on Nudi Pixel with a note that Chromodoris cavae and Chromodoris vicina are both synonyms.

Species:Chromodoris tennentana

Comment from Nathalie Yonow on photo #17831
Wow, this is a fantastic shot of tennentana sensu strictu feeding! We just need to get the sponge identified...

Comment from Nathalie Yonow on photo #9954
The large purple spots, ochre background, and purple margin/gills/rhinophores are indicative of tennentana.

Comment from Nathalie Yonow on photo #13643
A western Indian Ocean species.

Comment from Nathalie Yonow on photo #15529
Note damaged mantle on the right side, where the purple margin is missing.

Comment from Nathalie Yonow on photo #27576
Very similar to the others, note the brown gills and rhinophores which denoted the difference between cavae and tennentana.

Comment from Richard Willan on photo #1488
The comments given by Bill Rudman on his site for calling this form part of the intraspecific variation of Chromodoris cavae are compelling (see This is a new record for Mozambique.

Comment from Richard Willan on photo #6615
This is the first record of this species from the Seychelles.



Pictures of Chromodoris tennentana

Chromodoris tennentana from Nosy Be, MadagascarIdentification reviewed by Nathalie Yonow
Posted 7 years ago
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