Costasiella sp.

Costasiella sp.
Photographed by: Graham Abbott

Species:Costasiella sp.

Comment from Richard Willan on photo #19888
Costasiella sp. and Stiliger ornatus are small sap-suckers that have almost identical in external appearance and coloration, particularly the golden cerata with a subterminal black ring. They differences are very subtle. Costasiella sp. has its eyes touching on top of its head whereas Stiliger ornatus has them separated and a black stripe in between. Costasiella sp. has pointed rhinophores whereas Stiliger ornatus has blunt ones.

Comment from Richard Willan on photo #916
Costasiella species all have their eyes situated close together on top of their head (not shown in this image) and they are intimately associated with green algae of the genus Avrainvillea, on which they feed.



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Costasiella sp. from Bima, Indonesia
Location: Bima, Indonesia
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