Dendronotus frondosus

(Ascanius, 1774)

Dendronotus frondosus
Photographed by: Gary McDonald

Species:Dendronotus frondosus

Comment from Gary McDonald on photo #18178
Feb 22, 2011: This is definitely not Hancockia californica. The rhinophores and cerata are not the shape of Hancockia californica rhinophores and cerata; and the velar appendages and the general color of the animal do not correspond to Hancockia californica.

Stout, Pola & Valdes (2010:373) suggest the resurrection of the name Dendronotus venustus for eastern Pacific specimens currently
recognized as Dendronotus frondosus.

Comment from Alexander Martynov on photo #2764
Present presumably copulating pair is a good example of an additional proof (along with the morphological characters) for belonging of both white and variegated
forms to single species Dendronotus frondosus.

Comment from Alexander Martynov on photo #2186
this is white form of Dendronotus frondosus. It is quite variable species, but specimens with different colouration have same radula and reproductive system, that have confirmed by a recent study of the specimens from White and Barents Seas.

Comment from Alexander Martynov on photo #2466
This species is widely distributed in the Russian seas from Barents and White to Japan Seas, typically intertidal - upper subtidal, probably as an exception was recorded from the depth 300 m.



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Dendronotus frondosus from La Jolla, USAIdentification reviewed by Gary McDonald
Location: La Jolla, USA
Posted 8 years ago
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