Diaulula sandiegensis

(Cooper, 1862)

Diaulula sandiegensis
Photographed by: Marli Wakeling

Species:Diaulula sandiegensis

Comment from Richard Willan on photo #18182
This is an atypical individual that doesn’t have the dark rings that are usually typical of this species.

Comment from Gary McDonald on photo #1512
The brown to black ring-shaped markings are characteristic of Diaulula sandiegensis.

Comment from Gary McDonald on photo #2889
In specimens from the southern Pacific coast the dark pigment on the dorsum it is typically in the form of a few rings, in specimens from the northern Pacific coast it is typically in the form of numerous small blotches.

Comment from Gary McDonald on photo #2246
It is the typical northern form, in the southern part of their range the brown/black marking of the dorsum are typcially more ring shaped.



Pictures of Diaulula sandiegensis

Diaulula sandiegensis from Anacapa Island, USAIdentification reviewed by Gary McDonald
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