Durvilledoris pusilla

(Bergh, 1874)

Durvilledoris pusilla
Photographed by: Ronnie Ng

Species:Durvilledoris pusilla

Comment from Scott Johnson on photo #31954
Looks like a young individual.



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Durvilledoris pusilla from PNGIdentification reviewed by Richard Willan
Location: PNG
Posted 9 years ago
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Author: Richard Willan

Durvilledoris pusilla always has an opaque mantle. The pattern on the central area of the mantle is always scalloped with 'lobes' or 'tongues' of colour that almost reach the margin; one pair of these lobes is immediately behind the rhinophores and the other pair is in front of the gills. The midline has 2 white circles. The colour pattern on the tail repeats that of the central mantle. Thius is definitely a good species.

Noumea varians can have either an opaque or a semi-transparent mantle. The pattern on the central area is not actually lobed, but it often looks that way in photos because of the way the body is deformed when crawling over irregular terrain. The midline has 3 white streaks or a single continuous narrow stripe. The tail is uniformly purple. There is evey indication that what we presently call Noumea varians may, in fact, cover several different species.

Noumea varians from Oahu, Hawaii, USAIdentification reviewed by Richard Willan
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