Elysia expansa

(O’Donoghue, 1924)

Elysia expansa
Photographed by: Graham Abbott

This leaf-like sap sucker grows to 40 mm. It is vivid green overall. Its head is about one-eighth of its body. Its parapodia are massive, with very large openings between them and the summits of these openings have acute apices. The body is sparsely papillose. Like the body, the parapodial margin is sparsely papillose with the papillae there being particularly slender and never touching each other. The renal ridge is one-third the parapodial length. Black specks are present on the parapodia. Most importantly, there is a pale pink band at the parapodial margin edged with a narrow black line above and below.

Species:Elysia expansa



Pictures of Elysia expansa

Elysia expansa from Rottnest Island, Australia
Posted 6 years ago
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Elysia expansa from Gujarat, India
Location: Gujarat, India
Posted 6 years ago
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Elysia expansa from Bima, Indonesia
Location: Bima, Indonesia
Posted 5 years ago
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