Flabellina exoptata

Gosliner & Willan, 1991

Flabellina exoptata
Photographed by: Indra Swari

Species:Flabellina exoptata

Comment from Neville Coleman on photo #648
Very common from Japan, Indonesia and Hawaii to Fiji and Vanuatu this species feeds on hydroids. It grows to about 25 mm



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Flabellina exoptata from Whale Island, VietnamIdentification reviewed by Richard Willan
Posted 10 years ago
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Author: Richard Willan

Flabellina exoptata. Its consistent characters are the vivid orange rhinophores with numerous papillae on the posterior side and the central purple (or bluish violet) ring on the cerata.

Flabellina rubrolineata also has papillae on its rhinophores, but it has 3 longitudinal stripes on its body.

Flabellina delicata also has papillae on its rhinophores, but it has a purplish body and oral tentacles, and the tips of the cerata are dark purple.

Flabellina macassarana has lamellate rhinophores (i.e., numerous plate-like folds). It has a translucent pinkish to purplish white body, and the tips of the cerata are burnt orange.

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