Flabellina pedata

(Montagu, 1815)

Also known as: Coryphella pedata

Flabellina pedata
Photographed by: Daniela Wolf

Species:Flabellina pedata

Comment from Richard Willan on photo #16855
An unusual individual that has brown digestive diverticula inside the cerata rather than the usual pink-purple diverticula. Presumably it has been feeding on a different species of hydroid than the ‘normal’ one, so this would account for this difference in colour.

Comment from Richard Willan on photo #6583
This aeolid nudibranch is characterised by the translucent pink-purple coloration on the body and cerata, by the opaque white rings at the tips of the cerata, and by the rather pale white tips to the oral tentacles and rhinophores. Also, in Flabellina pedata the rhinophores are smooth and the cerata are grouped in bunches, each bunch arising from a common base.



Pictures of Flabellina pedata

Flabellina pedata from Gozo, Malta
Location: Gozo, Malta
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