Flabellina verrucosa

(M. Sars, 1829)

Also known as: Coryphella verrucosa

Flabellina verrucosa
Photographed by: Daniel Hershman

Species:Flabellina verrucosa

Comment from Alexander Martynov on photo #2256
This is a short-papillae variety of common species Coryphella verrucosa. Exactly on the short-papillae variety
was based first description (M.Sars, 1829) of Coryphella verrucosa.
Currently considered that both short and long-papillae forms constitute single species Coryphella verrucosa.

Comment from Alexander Martynov on photo #2464
This species have been reported in the Russian seas from Barents, White, Bering Seas, Pacific ocean near Kamchatka and Commander islands, Japan Sea, intertidal down to 67 m.

Comment from Alexander Martynov on photo #2468
According to general shape of the body and pattern of the ceratal rows

Comment from Richard Willan on photo #12333
Individual photographed crawling on stalk of its hydroid food, Tubularia sp.



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Flabellina verrucosa from Alaska, USAIdentification reviewed by Gary McDonald
Location: Alaska, USA
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