Glossodoris hikuerensis

(Pruvot-Fol, 1954)

Glossodoris hikuerensis
Photographed by: Ken Tucker

Species:Glossodoris hikuerensis

Comment from Richard Willan on photo #5605
This is an exceptionally nice photo of the gills of a species of Glossodoris showing the way they are spirally coiled at the ends of the circlet.



Pictures of Glossodoris hikuerensis

Glossodoris hikuerensis from Rinca Island, Indonesia
Posted 5 years ago
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Glossodoris hikuerensis from North Sulawesi, Indonesia
Posted 5 years ago
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Glossodoris hikuerensis from Queensland, Australia
Posted 5 years ago
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Glossodoris hikuerensis from Flores, Indonesia
Posted 5 years ago
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Glossodoris hikuerensis from Tofo, Mozambique
Posted 5 years ago
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Glossodoris hikuerensis from Marsa Alam, Egypt
Posted 4 years ago
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Glossodoris hikuerensis from Zanzibar, Tanzania
Posted 4 years ago
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Glossodoris hikuerensis from Bali, Indonesia
Location: Bali, Indonesia
Posted 4 years ago
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Glossodoris hikuerensis from Brunei Darussalam
Posted 4 years ago
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Similar Species

Author: Erwin Kodiat

These three species can be distinguished by visually observing the mantle margin.
In Glossodoris cincta, the mantle margin bordered by well-defined turquoise blue, black and gold concentric bands.
While in Glossodoris hikuerensis, they are bordered by concentric bands of brown, brownish white, dark greyish black and then brownish white.
In Glossodoris pullata, it is simply bordered by dark blue mantle margin.

(Summarized from Undersea Jewels book)

Glossodoris cincta from Lembeh, IndonesiaIdentification reviewed by Bill Rudman
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