Hypselodoris emma

Rudman, 1977

Also known as: Hypselodoris emmae

Hypselodoris emma
Photographed by: Indra Swari

Species:Hypselodoris emma

Comment from Richard Willan on photo #1165
An excellent photo. It is a sponge’s-eye view of an animal with its buccal bulb completely everted as it feeds on a sponge. Only the fibrous skeleton of the sponge is remaining and so it looks like a spider’s web.



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Hypselodoris emma from Zamboanguita, Philippines
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Similar Species

Hypselodoris emmae: The body is a pale cream or yellow with a purple or bluish border to both the foot and the mantle. there are three purple longitudinal lines on the mantle and four brownish lines which vary in intensity in different individuals. The gills and rhinophores are a brilliant reddish orange and in Pacific specimens there is a white tip to the rhinophores.

Hypselodoris whitei has a whitish background color with a reddish purple submarginal line around the mantle edge and a series of five longitudinal lines covering the rest of the mantle. These lines are usually very crooked and joined by a series of lateral connections, breaking the mantle into rows of slightly raised whitish regions. The rhinophores are orange to orange-red with a distinctive white tip and the gills are similarly coloured with white on the inside and usually at the tip of each gill.

Hypselodoris maridadilus is yellow, with a purple border to the foot and the mantle, and a series of five longitudinal purple lines. the gills and rhinophores are bright orange-red.

The lines in Hypselodoris nigrostriata are more or less oblique. In the very similar species, Hypselodoris zephyra the lines are parallel.

Hypselodoris whitei from Lembeh, IndonesiaIdentification reviewed by Richard Willan
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